Data Science Hangout

machine learning
I was recently a guest on Posit’s Data Science Hangout, hosted by Rachael Dempsey, and I had a blast. This is the recording where I talked about my transition from Excel-based financial modeling to machine learning at scale with R.

January 1, 2023


I’ve been attending Posit’s weekly Data Science Hangout since 2021 and it’s been one of my favorite standing weekly meetings. This is a great platform to hear how data science leaders are using R to drive business results and the host, Rachael Dempsey, does an excellent job fostering an inclusive and open culture. I was thrilled to be the guest several weeks ago in Dec 2022. 🚀

I talked about my transition to data science from a career in financial modeling and consulting, talked about my love for Shiny and the R community, and gave some tips on how to start your own data science community. I also said “you know” an inordinate number of times, please forgive me in advance. 🙃

Whether you’re a data science practitioner, student, looking to make a career pivot, or simply wanting to network, the Data Science Hangout has something for all. If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to attend Posit’s Data Science Hangout live sometime in the future.

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