Building a Website with Blogdown

Learn how to build and deploy a website with R, blogdown, GitHub, Hugo, and Netlify.

November 18, 2019

Pablo Barajas, a recent graduate at UC Irvine and friend of Scatter Podcast, led a presentation on how to build a website using R, RStudio, and Blogdown.

For anyone wanting to fairly easily build an online portfolio or blog that looks professional, I highly recommend Blogdown. I used this process to build this website, as did Pablo for his personal website, and I can help if you have any questions. Here’s the process in short: RStudio site build with Blogdown -> Commit to GitHub -> Apply Hugo theme -> Netlify for CI/CD

This event was hosted by the Orange County R Users Group (“OCRUG”) and UCI’s Merage Analytics Club (“MAC”). If you’re in Orange County and looking to network and learn with local data science practitioners and students, I highly recommend attending OCRUG events, R-Ladies Irvine events, or public MAC events. Great learning opportunities here!